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How to install a sensor

The installation of the sensor works as follows:

1) Airica platform: scan the QR code under "Your access" on the installation guide. This will take you directly to the Airica platform. If you don't have it, then go to app.airica.com and log in with your credentials.

2) Configuration: In the Airica platform, you will find a listing of unassigned sensors under "Configuration".

3) Create building: First, create a building via the "Plus" sign in the upper right corner. Enter a name, street, number, city, zip code and country for the building.

4) Add room: Once you have created the building, then you can create a room via the "Plus" sign. Click on "Add Room". Enter the following parameters for the room: Name, Building and Type. There are 2 types "Closed Room" for example for a meeting room or a room with doors or "Open Space" for example for workstations or rooms larger than 120 m2. Select the appropriate type of your room. Enter the following additional parameters:

- Multi Sensor: select this if you are placing multiple sensors in the room. For rooms larger than approx. 120 m2, several sensors are usually required.

- AC: Select this option if the room has an air conditioner.

- Ventilation: Select this option if the room has a ventilation system.

- Length, height, width and/or volume: Specify the length, height, width in meters of the room or alternatively the volume of the room in m3. The information is needed for the algorithms. If they are left empty, then no calculations can be performed.

- Windows: Enter the number of windows

- Doors: specify the number of doors

Max. Occupancy: Specify the maximum occupancy of the room. For a meeting room, this is the number of seats, for an Open Space this is the number of workstations.

5) Assign sensor to a room: On the back of the sensor, you will find a number. The same number can be found in the list of "Unassigned devices". Assign the sensor to the room via "Assign to Room" by clicking on "Assign to Room" and then selecting the room. You have to create the room first (4). Then go to "Overview". Select the building with the created room. You will now find the room with the name. The fields are all gray. After about 2 minutes the fields should change color and show the values of the sensor.

6) Attach the sensor to the wall: Now attach the sensor to the wall. Please note the following:

- Building standard: If you want to comply with a building standard in regards to air quality measurements, then you would have to install the sensor at a height of 0.8 meters - 1.8 meters in the room.

- Publicly accessible buildings, classrooms: We recommend placing the sensor at a height where it cannot be removed without a ladder, i.e. above 2.5 meters.

- Not near windows / doors / heaters / ventilation: Do not place the sensor near windows, doors, heating radiators, air conditioning or ventilation to get the best measurement results.

- Multi Sensor: In large rooms > 120 m2 several sensors are necessary. Distribute the sensors accordingly at regular intervals in the room or on the walls.

Loosen the double-sided adhesive tape and fix the sensor to the wall or open the sensor and screw the sensor to the wall with the enclosed screws.

Note that the sensor will only connect to the Airica platform if the gateway is working. If you do not have access data, please contact our customer service.